Customized tours

In addition to our featured tours, we also customize tours to suit your budget, the length of your stay, and the aspects of Morocco you wish to experience. Please let us know your interests and  the criteria of your accommodations;  we will design a trip for you that you will never forget.

Below are some special activities for your considerations:

– Visit a Nomad tent or cave.

Nomads are traveling tribes that herd camels and goats across the mountains and deserts in search of  plentiful sources of water and grasses. They have maintained this free living style for centuries. Visiting a Nomad family will allow you to experience this unique Moroccan culture.

– Explore a Berber village

Berbers are an indigenous ethnic group of North Africa. In the villages, Berbers usually live as a big family, growing vegetables and fruits, and keeping livestock for consumption. You will marvel at the  irrigation systems that enable them to create sustenance from a barren landscape. and homes, kasbahs and mosques from the clay of the land. While in a Berber village, women only enjoy Moroccan tea or traditional Moroccan cuisines with a Berber family.

Join a Moroccan cookery class

Morocco cuisine is typically a mix of Mediterranean, Arabic, French, Spanish-Andalusian and Berber cooking.  Fresh vegetables and spices are used extensively in addition to lamb, chicken, beef and fish.

In our class you will  buy fresh local ingredients in the souk. Afterwards, you will learn the traditional way to make classic Moroccan dishes such as tagine or couscous, and enjoy the dish at our riad, a typical Moroccan house with an interior courtyard. This experience and the take-home recipes shall be icing on the cake for your trip to Morocco!